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Hospitality Development

Hotel & Restaurant Development

From ideation to asset management, Palisades oversees all facets of development, ensuring integrated and value-driven results throughout the life cycle of each project. We believe that at the heart of every great place is an even greater story – one that’s authentically rooted in the local culture and landscape. That’s why Palisades is committed to creating environments that are inspired by a captivating story. It’s from this framework that we create, develop, reimagine, and oversee iconic hospitality projects that make a lasting impact.

Design and Project Management

The success of our hotels and restaurants is based on a solid foundation of thoughtfully designed public and back-of-house spaces. With an eye to keeping things fresh, Palisades designs and manages the space allocation programs and details on public areas, guestrooms, and suites with a seasoned in-house team. An integrated approach with our strategic architecture and construction partners is key to getting from creative inspiration to reality.

Why Work With Us

We complement our passion for design with incredible creative partners from around the world.

Palisades Consulting


Palisades Consulting offers premier consulting services for a range of hospitality entities, from hotels, resorts and spas to restaurants and serviced residences. With the expertise gained from years of creating and managing unique, award-winning properties, Palisades Consulting develops plans that improve operations and guest experiences. Each solution is tailored to address client-specific needs and challenges, ultimately enabling single and multi-site operations to achieve their vision and realize profitability.