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Our Restaurants

Palisades Hospitality owns and operates an inspired collection of locally-loved independent dining destinations and is home to Piatti’s 9 locations across the US and the creator of CAMP Outpost Co., an exciting new fast-fine concept celebrating the nostalgia of camp fare and cocktails . Our approach is to parlay unique business opportunities into the creation of organically derived experiences influenced by existing spaces and local environments. While many of the restaurants share a common intention and theme, each location is designed to be an enduring, aesthetically appealing establishment that fits comfortably within it.


Established in 1987, Piatti offers finely crafted fresh Italian cuisine. The soul of the menu is our housemade pasta that we roll, cut and cook by hand every day. Offering a fresh take on the neighborhood Italian trattoria, Piatti combines a warm, inviting atmosphere, seamless service and an immersive market experience so you can enjoy Piatti at home. Whether dining in or taking home, Piatti brings friends and family together.


Camp is a casual American dining experience that serves quality rotisserie-driven, wood-fired comfort food with efficiency and flair. Camp features a custom world class rotisserie, a spacious patio, communal fire pit and a vintage Airstream bar evoking a nostalgic camp-like ambiance. Camp offers a fast-fine model of service which ensures swift ordering and attentive hospitality.